About Our Company

We are all about making retail markets perform to the best of their ability, and we have been excelling in that mission since 1997. We have worked for the private sector: malls; shopping centers; individual retailers; and retail developers. We have worked for the public sector: State agencies, regional and municipal governments; improvement districts; development corporations; urban enterprise zones; and Main Street communities.

We are results-oriented. Unlike other consultants in our field, JGSC Group doesn’t produce reports to sit on a shelf. We use our data and analysis to form proactive strategies

for our clients, and then we provide them with custom tools to implement those strategies. We keep score—we know how many retail businesses we have attracted, how many jobs they have produced, and how many dollars of consumer revenue/sales tax they generate.

That’s why New York City has had JGSC Group under contract for the past five years to provide retail recruitment services and training to business district managers in neighborhoods in all five boroughs of the City. And, after Hurricane Sandy devasted several neighborhoods in 2012, NYC retained us to bring commerce back to the districts of Red Hook, Brooklyn; Rockaway, Queens; and Midland Avenue, Staten Island.

Contrary to the old adage “…and those who can’t teach,” we believe those who are advancing the work in the field should also teach, and we do:

  • NYC Dept. of Small Business Services: Retail Recruitment Training program for the past five years
  • City of Philadelphia: Neighborhood Downtown Managers program (instructed retail revitalization, retention, and recruitment)
  • NJ Downtown Revitalization & Management Institute: Economic Restructing program (developed and taught) for the past eight years
  • American Planning Association National Planning Conference: featured presenters
  • National Main Streets Conference: featured preseters
  • National Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) Conference: featured presenters