Bringing Business Back to Main Street

Bringing Business Back to Main Street

Downtown was once the center of commerce in our communities, a place to live, shop, and work. Over the past half-century, shopping malls and strip centers replaced downtown as businesses moved to office parks and foot traffic dwindled. Too many downtown commercial districts suffer from too many vacancies, too few shoppers, and the repetition of lower-end retail shops.

More recently, empty nesters and the millennial generation have begun to discover downtown districts. Their renewed interest in a walkable live-work-play environment is lending hope that downtowns will soon experience a renaissance. However, the path to downtown revitalization requires more than new visitors.

It’s not about brick pavers and banners.

People don’t shop somewhere just because it has fancy sidewalks and banners. Shoppers want a mix of appealing stores and restaurants that they can’t find everywhere else. Yet, creating that desirable mix of stores and restaurants won’t happen without a lot of work.

Before opening stores in your community, business owners will need to be convinced that their businesses can succeed there. And, they’ll want to see your plan for bringing shoppers to the area.

How to recruit the stores, restaurants, and businesses you want.

To begin, you’ll need a thorough understanding of your marketplace to identify potential shoppers and the types of stores, restaurants, and other businesses they’d like to see in the area. Next, you’ll need to work with local stakeholders, property and business owners to gain an understanding of the challenges they face and opportunities they see. Then, you’ll need to create an effective recruitment strategy that identifies the types of stores, restaurants, and other businesses that can be supported within your community. And, you’ll need to identify prospects and create marketing materials to raise awareness about your community and showcase the opportunities you have to offer. Finally, someone will need to contact your prospects to tell them about the opportunities offered in your downtown and see if they’re interested in opening a location in your community.

It sounds like a lot of work, because it is a lot of work.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative to all that hard work: call the JGSC Group. We have 17 years experience jump-starting local economies in more than 100 communities in 16 states. Our proprietary Community Insights® process is a through and effective approach to bringing business back to Main Street. We’ll analyze your market, produce a recruitment strategy and marketing materials, and help you attract the business you want in your downtown.

And, we’ll do it for a lot less than you might imagine. So, when you’re ready to bring businesses back to Main Street, call us. We’ll do the work. You’ll get the results.

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