Finding the best location for your next store or restaurant


What’s most important when selecting a site for your next retail store or restaurant? Generally, the goal of opening a new location is to grow sales and attract more customers. Yet for many store and restaurant owners, the goal of growing sales is quickly overshadowed by the size and type of building, permits, parking, access, cost and other considerations

While large chain stores employ sophisticated site selection models, most small business owners – especially those with 20 or fewer locations – often lack access to these resources. As a result, they’re forced to make decisions based on incomplete data that turns their site selection effort into site guesswork.

Now there’s a solution for small business owners. JGSC Group has developed a site selection process that mimics the power and sophistication of models used by national retailers, but at a fraction of the cost. The JGSC site selection process compares syndicated demographic, economic and psychographic data with your existing locations to find the best site opportunities for you.

The site selection process is both proactive and discreet as it locates the most desirable communities, then drills down to the neighborhood level and even specific intersections. Throughout each step, the process examines potential locations and compares the consumers in that area to your best customers.

Finding the best locationSo small business owners can now benefit from a powerful site selection tool that keeps the focus on maximizing sales growth potential while minimizing expense. With the site selection process from JGSC Group, it’s easy to find the best location for your next store or restaurant.

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