Growing foot traffic at shopping centers.

Growing foot traffic at shopping centers

The rise of online sales, among other things, has made it more difficult to grow foot traffic at shopping centers. Although special events can provide a temporary boost in traffic, what’s really needed is a way to attract shoppers and keep them coming back.

Unlike typical events, we create unique programs that grow foot traffic among existing shoppers, attract new shoppers, engage your merchants, and reduce your marketing costs.

How we do it.

We talk directly with consumers to uncover opportunities to attract new shoppers and to increase the frequency of visits and the number of stores shopped per visit. Then we work with your merchants to create marketing programs that let them participate to grow their sales.
Using incentives and enticements, we drive foot traffic to your center and into the stores of participating merchants. And, we use shoppers’ contact information to keep them coming back to the center over and over.

How you’ll benefit.

We provide the following benefits for your center:

  • Find and attract new shoppers to your center and its merchants.
  • Increase the frequency of visits among existing shoppers.
  • Increase the number of stores shopped per visit.
  • Assist merchants with their marketing efforts.
  • Leverage your marketing budgets with co-op funding.
  • Collect shopper email addresses to minimize marketing costs.

If you’d like to grow your foot traffic while shrinking your marketing costs, give us a call today.

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