Making Shoppers Feel Safe in your District

Making Shoppers Feel Safe in your District

You have no alternative. If shoppers don’t feel safe in your district, they will not shop there, period. If safety and security are a concern in your district, then that becomes the top priority on your to-do list… whether or not that sense of insecurity has any basis in fact.

Perception is more important than reality.

You don’t have to have actual crime in your district for shoppers to feel unsafe there. Even business districts that experience no crime can feel unsafe because of the way they look. Once that perception is commonly felt, it will drive your district’s foot traffic down.

Making Shoppers Feel Safe in your DistrictBroken window theory.

We derive a sense of safety from visual cues: the sight of poorly maintained business properties—graffiti left on walls, broken windows, hanging wires—indicate neglect and lack of care that make a shopper wonder whether they will be safe in that environment. Even worse, settings may be inadvertently created that actually encourage crime: poorly lighted alleys; hedges that can hide an attacker; or display windows so blocked with signs that it’s impossible to see inside the store. All of these make us feel unsafe.

Taking control of your public spaces.

“Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design” (CPTED) is a program through which JGSC can help you identify and remove the conditions in your district that make your shoppers feel unsafe and enable you to take greater control of public spaces so that shoppers will feel welcome in your district again.

Helping retailers create safer store spaces.

If you need it, JGSC can also help you take the CPTED program beyond the storefronts and public spaces, to go inside the stores of cooperating merchants and teach them how to make their spaces feel safer for shoppers, and be safer for store personnel.

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