Keeping the good businesses you have


Keeping the good businesses you have

You know the feeling. It’s the start of a new week, and as you saunter through your district on the way to your office, your heart sinks: there, where Meg’s chocolate shop always greeted you with tempting scents in the morning, is now a dark, empty space with a hand-written sign on the door saying “Out of Business.”
Keeping the good businesses you have

See it coming.

You don’t have to be blind-sided like this. JGSC Group can identify your retailers at risk, so you can anticipate the business failures before shops go dark. With enough advance notice, JGSC can help you take action to support good businesses in danger, so that you don’t lose them. In those cases where relief cannot be had, JGSC can help you identify new retailers to fill spaces even before they become available.

Making something from nothing.

Building retail business is all about marketing—building awareness about the stores and restaurants that you have among the people who visit your business district. Marketing usually costs money… lots of money. However, JGSC has found ways to provide effective low-cost marketing for your merchants. We have the ability to create co-op marketing programs that take advantage of small pieces that individual merchants may have, and combine them to create something powerful. It requires the merchants to cooperate a little, in order to gain a lot.

Deliberately building foot traffic.

There are things that you can do to help your merchants attract more foot traffic—not just onto the sidewalk, but into their stores. JGSC has designed programs like sweepstakes, for example, that are engineered to bring the shoppers inside the stores where your merchants then have a better chance to capture their business.

Keeping the good businesses you haveStaying competitive.

Remember that the merchants of your business district are competing with area malls, shopping centers, and other retail areas to capture local business. They need your help; particularly in marketing. They also need your help with information about your trade area so they can stay current and relevant to their audience of customers. JGSC can help you with marketing programs for your district, and by providing refreshed market data and consumer surveys every few years so you’ll know right away as things change.

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