Who Shops Here, Who Doesn’t, and Why?

Who Shops Here, Who Doesn’t, and Why?

Joe the barber has his ideas, and Mary at the hardware store has a theory… but wouldn’t you really rather know the facts about your shoppers? If you knew where they were coming from, what appealed to them, what turned them off, and most importantly, what you could do to get more of them to shop in your district again—that information could re-shape your priorities in the management of your district. It certainly would affect the thrust of your marketing campaign, or give you reason to launch a marketing campaign.

All you have to do is ask them.

Shoppers will tell you. In fact, they are happy to be asked their opinions. Where they shop is important to them, and it has been our experience through dozens of consumer surveys in all sorts of communities that shoppers will respond to extensive questions and tell you exactly what you need to know to get them to shop more frequently. Their answers may provide the additional “push” that a retailer needs to decide to locate in your district.

Find out about your non-residents.

You can obtain market data based on the people who live in your trade area. But what about the office workers, college students, hospital visitors, hotel guests, tourists, and other people who may be in your business district every day? You won’t find their purchases in your market data, but you can confirm through a survey that they are present in your district, and then project the value of their purchases. This gives you an even stronger market story to tell to the businesses you want to attract into your district.

Who Shops Here, Who Doesn’t, and Why?What you don’t know can hurt you.

Shopping is a game of perceptions. The way that your district is perceived may be different from the way it actually is, but the perception becomes more important than the reality if it is driving potential shoppers away from your district. Your survey can disclose issues that you may not be aware of, and give you the opportunity to take action to alter negative perceptions.

We’ll do the work. You’ll get the results.

Put your clipboard away. JGSC does our surveys online, and we take care of promoting the survey through lawn signs, flyers, and other means customized to fit your needs. We’ll get the word out; we’ll collect the results; we’ll tabulate the data; and we’ll tell you what it means.

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