Shopping Centers –

Attracting stores and foot traffic to shopping centers

Shopping CentersThere is nothing straightforward about the retail business anymore. The typical retail center has competition everywhere: not just down the street, but on shopping networks, laptops, and smart phones. Add to that the fact that whole categories of retail have been disappearing over the past few years. (Music stores, camera shops, bookstores and other categories are all going the way of video rental places.) To top it off, consumer confidence continues to lag below the levels we enjoyed before the great recession.

All things considered, shopping center marketing and recruitment can be a real challenge today. Fortunately, JGSC Group offers the insights and tools you need. Our 17 years of experience in creating and implementing growth strategies for shopping centers includes work at suburban strip centers, urban retail centers, and even the 42nd Street Entertainment Center in Times Square, New York.

If you want to recruit unique retailers and grow foot traffic, here’s how we can help:

  • Create tenant co-op marketing campaigns
  • Find out who shops here, who doesn’t and why
  • Measure, compare and track sales performance at retail centers
  • Analyze the market to find opportunities to attract more shoppers
  • Create custom e-marketing campaigns
  • Conduct market and competitive analyses to identify unique retailers to recruit
  • Create marketing and outreach campaigns targeted at independent retailers
  • Identify alternative uses and recruit prospects for big space vacancies
  • Target and recruit temporary tenants and unique small space retailers

Give us a call to find out how we can help your retail center perform better.