The Principals

  • Joe-Getz

    Joe Getz

    Joe Getz, Founding Principal

    When Joe founded JGSC Group, it was all about the marketing. He had come, after all, from a long background of work in marketing and advertising. Joe pioneered new products that were highly effective to promote major retailers, malls, and shopping centers. Among these was an early model of in-mall clipboard intercept surveys designed in the 1980’s to find out “who shops here and why.”

    With JGSC, Joe elevated the survey process to tease out finer points of consumer and trade area information simply not available in syndicated data sources. In 2003, Joe recognized the coming return of downtown business districts, and transitioned JGSC Group to apply its tools devised for malls and shopping centers to meet the needs of urban and suburban retail corridors. Out of this shift was born Community Insights®, the trademarked market analysis process that Joe created to identify the most sustainable businesses for any trade area. Following that success, Joe developed a retail recruitment process that JGSC has applied in dozens of communities around the county, ranging from small villages like Oswego, IL, to the most intense urban communities in New York City.

    Joe is a numbers geek par excellence: he analyzes and produces syndicated data reports for each of our clients, combing through the data (14 analyses and 3,500 data points) to identify opportunities for retail growth. With such a thorough review, Joe invariably finds them.

  • Mark Lohbauer

    Mark Lohbauer,

    Mark Lohbauer, Principal

    Mark is an economic development policy wonk who came to JGSC Group in 2004 from the public sector. He is a lawyer who, after serving respective turns as a township and county elected official, became an Assistant NJ State Treasurer in Governor Christie Whitman’s administration. In that role, Mark helped devise policy on economic development programs throughout New Jersey, particularly programs in support of downtown retail. He was a member of the boards of directors of the NJ Economic Development Authority, the NJ Redevelopment Authority, and the Urban Enterprise Zone Authority, among others.

    At JGSC, Mark has been our firm’s primary contact for most of our clients. Mark is the one to personally make sure that our clients’ needs don’t slip through any cracks. He manages our field operations from on-site field inspections to stakeholder interviews and client relations. Mark also provides the strategic analysis of the data derived from our fieldwork. He has managed projects throughout New Jersey, in the five boroughs of New York City, and in communities in many other parts of the country (Detroit, Jacksonville, Minneapolis, Peekskill, and Toledo, for example).

  • Carol Jones

    Carol Jones

    Carol Jones, Principal

    In analyzing economic systems, it’s all about getting the details right. The heart of JGSC Group’s analytical strength is our customer market research, and Carol has enabled JGSC to get that right for the past dozen years. She handles development, operation, and analysis of all of JGSC’s consumer preference surveys. Carol oversees all phases of the research process and coordinates resources for direct mail surveys, online surveys, focus groups, and in-depth intercept surveys. There is no “one size fits all” for this kind of research—her surveys are always carefully crafted and nuanced to capture the variety of factors that may influence local economies as diverse as small suburban towns to densely populated urban centers. In fact, some of the surveys Carol has developed have gone well beyond the reach of individual towns or shopping districts. She created and managed county-wide, statewide, and even national surveys to targeted audiences for JGSC Group.

    Carol also oversees the development of the retail prospect lists, making sure each list reflects the community’s goals and criteria.